Aggressive Driving and Empty Laws Means Disgusting Slaughter of Wildlife on our Roads

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Roadkill is a far from innocent phenomenon and accident of routine travel. Instead, lethally aggressive and heedless driving habits, non-existent laws protecting animals, and extremely lax and ineffective police activity conspire to cause suffering and grisly death for countless animals throughout our roads and highway -- in rural, suburban, and highway environments. One prominent ecologist affiliated with the American Museum of Natural History, The Wildlife Conservation Society, and other organizations, Dr. Michael W. Klemens, called the suburban sprawl following construction of the US Interstate system a landmark event in the serious disturbance on North American ecosystems for its widespread and ecologically devastating effects. Those animal communities that remain in the so-called "fragmented" landscape created by our massive spider-web of paved roads face drivers who pay little heed to the lethally dangerous machines they are introducing to natural habitats. In fact they are instead fetishized, and turned into organic extensions of ego and body. Our photos document some of the more graphic results of Man's selfish and heedless on-road activities in the Natural world. We urge citizens to both pay attention to their wildlife neighbors and to press legislators to create new laws (see Below) to help end the tragedy and modern disgrace of the roadkill slaughter. And please SLOW DOWN. Contact us if you wish to help. Email

Proposed Legislative and Other Reforms to Protect Wildlife from Roadkill Deaths

The state has many options in law and policy to reduce this tragedy, and we urge you to help lobby by contacting your state legislators and local media with these and other ideas:

  • Make it illegal to deliberately strike an animal;
  • Require payment of a wildlife fee in the event of a collision;
  • Require motorists to report all incidents to police, thereby tracking this tragic issue and also deterring deliberate or consistently reckless behavior;
  • Require and enforce slower speeds in deer zones and sensitive areas, at night, and by trucks at all hours;
  • Reduce the speed limits in the Adirondack Park and Catskill Park and adequately enforce these laws; and
  • Re-engineer highways and reduce dependence on vehicular traffic.
     Looking at these animals one knows they did not deserve to suffer the terror and pain in their death. Anyone who drives through areas containing wildlife -- whether suburban squirrels, opposums and raccooons, or rural deer, foxes, turtles etc. -- knows most of these animals try VERY hard to cross streets without encountering cars; they KNOW cars are dangerous. But when speed and lights confuse them, or they are pregnant or just waking in spring, they are unable to react and lose their lives brutally. They are not stupid; they are our neighbors and deserve our active protection. Note: All the animals pictured here were removed from the road and placed in a sheltered nearby "resting place".