Media Coverage of Richard Brummel's Environmental Activism

Don't Believe Ad Hominem Attacks

April 14, 2020 -- As environmental activist Richard Brummel, 59, Pompton Lakes, makes a new effort to bring reckless real-destruction in Northern NJ under some control while environmental, political and civic groups turn their backs, we anticipate attacks based on an understandable questions: 'Who is Richard Brummel?', and: 'Should we listen to him?'

Part of the answer is in past news coverage -- below -- of our diligent, credible, and sometimes heroic efforts from 2011 - 2017 on Long Island, and occasionally in Upstate N.Y., trying to get local governments and then the courts to halt the rampant -- usually legally-improper -- destruction of the local environments.

See also: Our Wordpress Legal-Biographical.

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If you wish to help or wish further information please contact organizer Richard Brummel, Tel: (201) 749-7065, Email: rxbrummel AT gmail DOT com. Thank you.