Images of Grace Preakness Forest in Summer, 2020:
A Life-and-Death Habitat and Thriving Woodland Whose Future Is In Serious Question

Wayne NJ, September 6, 2020: In early 2020, this little forest was valiantly fought-for by environmental defenders from throughout the Township of Wayne, N.J., in front of both the Town Zoning Board and the Town Council, but to no effect. Development now is an urgent danger -- except for a lawsuit now before the state Supreme Court. Real-estate greed and destruction is baked into suburban politics, and citizen voices, almost always for preservation of our remaining natural resources, are rarely respected (except when construction-union mouthpieces show up in force). It's an insider's game -- but it can be embarrassed through the courts. It is part of the polite corruption of the political process that has infested our political society, and helped destroy habitat, the environment, and the pastoral quality of life in town after town, especially around urban areas life NYC. Only focused, diligent, strategic people-power can push back. As we are doing.

As usual, this case the corruption of the process took the concrete form, and we have highlighted the clear violations of Township statutes and state fiscal standards, and environmental activist Richard Brummel took the parties to N.J. Superior Court, with some assistance of one neighbor, and the temporary intervention by another one. The lawsuit is now before the Appellate Division after some unseemly (and procedurally improper) retaliation by the Superior Court. A motion is also before New Jersey's highest court, the state Supreme Court, asking it to hear an appeal to obtain an injunction to protect the forest while the appeal in the Appellate Division is pending.

The photos below were taken this summer. They show what nature can do when allowed to live -- and thrive. Nature is ALIVE. And genius. A forest is a critical ecosystem. The trees and greenery capture CO2, produce oxygen and produce phytochemicals that are healthful. The plants create food and shelter for local wildlife, bees, butterflies, birds, insects, reptiles and amphibians. The protects the aquifers, keep the surrounding community cooler, and remind us of the glory that is this planet, outside of man-made structures.

These are the reasons the laws in Wayne state the priority is to protect forests "to the greatest extent possible": "ยง 134-90.1. Principles. The principles and objectives of this article shall be fostered, promoted, and achieved to the greatest extent possible in the review and approval of any application governed by this article. The principles and objectives are as follows: A. Alterations to existing topography, hydrology, and geology shall be minimized. B. Destruction of mature woodlands shall be minimized. C. Stream corridors, pond shores, lake shores, and flood plains shall be protected from development." ... (Wayne Township Ordinances, Section 134-90.1).

If you agree that this and other natural space is too valuable to us and to the Planet to destroy, contact organizer and litigator (non-attorney) Richard Brummel: rxbrummel (at) or (201) 749-7065. Please help defray our legal expenses -- now well over $2,000 out of pocket -- here: GoFundMe. Thank you!